Art / Light / Sound / Performance / Water & Ocean Ecology / Community
Saturday April 19th, 6 to 11pm Lighthouse Point / Abbott Lighthouse

Through a partnership between the UCSC Digital Art & New Media graduate school program, the Openlab collaborative research group and the city of Santa Cruz Arts Commission, artists & scientists will join together to create an event focused on local water issues and themes.  This event will highlight the relationships between our fresh water and ocean ecosystems with an emphasis on sustainability.

The site for this event is the Abbott Lighthouse at Lighthouse Field’s state park.  This event will form a unique combination of site-specific installation art, video projection mapping on the lighthouse and surrounding landscapes, sound art, performance art, sculpture, ocean advocacy, educational outreach and more. Much of the work is inspired by scientific research, through interdisciplinary collaborations with the UCSC Marine, Ecology and the Earth & Planetary Science departments.

The lighthouse has been chosen as a unique symbol of communication, guidance and warning between the land and sea, between man and nature and for its majestic presence and historical significance. The title “Bloom” refers to the cycle of light that rotates within the cupola of all lighthouse towers. The “Bloom” is the technical term for the moment when the beam of light reaches its peak and becomes visible within the mind of the viewer. The term simultaneously refers to phytoplankton blooms and the seasonal upwelling cycles of the ocean and river estuaries that occur each spring, supplying valuable nutrients to our local food web. Through “Bloom Santa Cruz” we hope to open the eyes and ears of its participants to the delicate living systems that live below the surface of our local waters and to the solutions that can be developed through creative partnerships between art, science & community.

Our generous green energy sponsor, Sandbar Solar, is providing the power for this event.

This event is free and open to the public. 

For more info go to: www.lighthousebloom.com

Lighthouse Point / Abbot Lighthouse
701 West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95064