Da DANM Dance Band

A band of musical hooligans determined to disrupt, derange, deconstruct and dance! They might be you, or not. They don’t know either… but either way is yes.

Future Coast

FutureCoast is a massively participatory “authentic fiction” about climate-changed futures. The immersive cli-fi learning game launched in February and ends on April 30, 2014. We’re in partnership with Columbia University and funded by the National Science Foundation. In the FutureCoast game story, the software system of the future has sprung a space-time leak. But since it’s only in their voicemail storage, it takes them decades to get around to fixing it. Meanwhile, we get to listen to the messages that people leave for each other in the years 2020 to 2065 – by turns banal, mysterious, and terrifying. In reality, the messages we are hearing have been created by people playing the game. We ask players to imagine the future and then create a voicemail that someone left for someone else in that future. This seemingly simple moment of “future thinking” reconnects people to the human...


A new project by, Maria Catalina Giraldo Pastrana. Marine terraces were formed by changes in environmental conditions and by tectonic activity, especially as a consequence of the sea level changes between glacial and interglacial periods. Those changes corresponded to the global marine level fluctuations that gave birth to the cliffs standing today in Santa Cruz. “Fluctuations” is a video projection over a cliff in the lighthouse to visualize a story of the marine level changes which happened during thousands of thousands of years before the present day.

Ebb and Flow


The Transfluent Orchestra